Data Driven Solutions

An AI driven data analytics platform that helps better position ship owners, operators and insurers.

At Marinsight, we provide insurers and ship owners with the resources to navigate the digital data minefield and create a mutually beneficial outcome. We have worked with industry leaders in order to produce a software solution which analyses vessel specific, operational and historical data to provide users with a clear overview in terms of operational risk and capabilities. We are committed to producing an exceptional software package that will reduce costs and increase profitability for each and every one of our clients.

We utilise the complex data stream provided through a ships integrated monitoring system to provide the industry with real time analytics enabling up to date and accurate risk based analytics.


A custom analytics software package that collects, processes and cleanses three raw data sets through the use of Artificial Intelligence applications. Advanced data analytics can be provided and used by both insurer and insured to drive up profits and operational capabilities.

The go to software package for the maritime insurance industry.